Great Delivery and Service!

My order arrived in top condition and perfectly frozen - I can't thank you enough.

Jane L. (Nov 2014)


Our fish arrived! Everything is in good order, and it is beautiful. We should be well fed for quite a while now!

Lori A. (Nov 2014)



Delicious, easy seafood!

We finally got around to eating those squid we ordered from you. Oh My goodness, so delicious! They were easy to clean, no smell and tasted incredible. We just did a light Mediterranean marinade and then cooked them on the BBQ.  They were some of the nicest squid we have had.
---Lennea (May 2014)

Fresh and delicious!

I just want to tell you how much I love your Lox, Pepper Smoked Salmon and Tuna Loins! They're so fresh and delicious, my family enjoys them a lot. I've been losing weight with the Albacore Tuna Salad I've been making from your loins. Will be re-ordering again soon!!
--- Joy H. (March 2014)

We aim to please!

The fish showed up and was in the freezer in no time.
Finally tried the fish  that I sent my parents It was absolutely delicious. My Parents are very happy!!
The Cod loins and the Scallops very sweet .They have not tried the Cod fillets yet. The smoked fish will not last long. I anticipate another order in the not to distant future!
Thanks for all your help.
--- Scott (May 2013)


"Thank you so much! I had the sockeye yesterday what a treat! Its really delicious. Typically I expect a texture change from the freezing process, however, i was pleasantly surprised to find that the usual texture was not affected." 
--- Kathryn K (May 2013)

Happy customers!

We aim to please and it's always a pleasure to know that people are loving our products!  Here's the latest comment from one of our many satisfied customers:

"We had the sablefish last night, it was so good !  And thanks for delivering. We will be ordering more in the future for sure."
--- L.M. (Apr 2013)

  "Thanks for all your efforts, Shauna. 
All arrived in good order.  You were right about the prawns.  They are fantastic."
--- Anne S. (March 2013)

"We will see you again for some more fish!
Your mild cure ( lox sides ) were fantastic !! I worked in the industry for 10 yrs and
smoked fish commercially and privately for yrs and yours was truly incredible!!
--- Linda